• Our Purpose

    About The Project

    I saw my mom’s talent for art. I saw people binded with hope stronger than ever. I read about the intensified issues due to the coronavirus outbreak. Unemployment. Poverty. Domestic Violence. This gave birth to the idea of setting up a website to build a bridge between talented individuals like my mom, charitable art lovers, like you, and two charities in need of our help: Womens Aid and Crisis. Our aim is to celebrate and exchange my mom’s inspiring art pieces done during the lockdown for donations to Women's Aid and Crisis. When you purchase my mom’s art you will have the option to donate the money to either Women's Aid or Crisis. We hope that you will support our aim!

    IPEK DYONMEZ & IRMAK LAL DYONMEZ The Founder of Charitableartist and Poet; GANIME DYONMEZ The Artist

  • Information on Charities

    Women’s Aid

    ‘’Everyone has the human right to live in safety and free from violence and abuse. Society has a duty to recognise and defend this right.’’

    Do you agree?
    Due to the lockdown, people spend more time home and people are a bit more anxious.
    Is the risk of domestic violence higher these days?
    Don’t we all have a duty to help domestic violence victims?
  • Information on Charities


    Most of us take a warm and safe home for granted.

    Did you ever wonder where the homeless are seeking protection during the coronavirus outbreak?
    In shelters? On the streets?
    How can they self-isolate in a crowded shelter?
    How can they wash their hands?
    They are more likely to have respiratory problems due to rough sleeping.
    Aren’t they unsafe?
Decision Time

Put your hand on your heart. Will you support our cause by buying at least one piece of art and touch people’s lives?

If you want to buy my mom’s artwork, you will need to donate money to the charities.

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